The article "Arab Americans Celebrate Heritage, Culture Through Art Exhibit," published May 3, 2022 in the San Diego Union Tribune, also covers Arab American San Diegans in medicine and technology.

"April is Arab American Heritage Month. Here's What That Means to Us" was published on April 21, 2022 in the San Diego Union Tribune by ADC Southern California Coordinator Doris Bittar.

On March 4, 2022, the San Diego Union Tribune devoted a full page to the subject "Apartheid or Not?" ADC San Diego President Ojeni Touma contributed an essay, "Amnesty International's Report on the Israel-Palestine Conflict is a Call to Action." Doris Bittar contributed an essay, "Amnesty International Report on Israel, Palestine Offers Truthful Observations, Great Hope."

In the last two months of 2021, ADC San Diego and allies defended Arabs and Muslims from defamation and attempts to suppress free speech:  "Harm to Arabs and Muslims Continues to be Sidelined in San Diego," by Doris Bittar; "Criticizing Oppressive Zionism is Legitimate, not Antisemitic," by Yazan and Omar Zahzah; "Palestinians are the Strong Survivors and Exemplary Stewards of the Civilization of the Holy Land," by Doris Bittar.

In May 2021, ADC San Diego and allies published essays in support of the Palestinian struggle:  "I Can Appreciate the Unfortunate Threat of Expulsion Facing Palestinian Families in Sheikh Jarrah," by Jamal Kanj; "The Purgatory Imposed on Gaza by Israel Predates Hamas," by Gary Fields; "A History of Expulsion in 1948 is Key to Understanding the Palestinian Struggle," by Ahlam Muhtaseb and Andy Trimlett.

On April 6, 2021, the San Diego City Council and Mayor Todd Gloria proclaimed April as Arab American Heritage Month!  Councilwoman Monica Montgomery-Steppe led the way, and ADC San Diego celebrated with her in front of the newly constructed House of Palestine.

Arab Americans published essays as part of a week-long San Diego Union Tribune commemoration of 20 years since the 9/11 attacks:  "Two decades after 9/11, it's not any better for Arabs and Muslims," by Sarah Hassaine; "The longest U.S. war ended amid feelings of confusion and fright," by Jamal Kanj; "In post-9/11 America, my ethnicity and religious identity are political," by Yasmine Kasem; "California lawmakers erase Arab American issues. We want to be acknowledged," by Doris Bittar.

On February 24, 2021 the San Diego Union Tribune devoted an entire page to the voices of Arab American women:  "My Lebanese family once questioned my career as a therapist. Now they ask for help," by Sarah Kouzi; "During this pandemic, Palestinians like my family in the West Bank have faced a medical apartheid," by Ojeni Touma; "When I left Morocco, San Diego welcomed me. I’m grateful for its rich and diverse Arab community," by Oumelbanine Zhiri.

ADC San Diego President Doris Bittar published an Op-Ed in the San Diego Union Tribune, "Arab culture has contributed to the building of San Diego.  Arab Americans are here to stay."

On October 4, 2020 the San Diego Union Tribune devoted an entire page to the effects of discrimination on the emotional wellbeing of Arab and Iranian Americans:  "Arab Americans had stress and mental health challenges before the pandemic piled on more," by Wael Al-Delaimy; "I’m an Arab Iranian American teenager. I’m tired of being seen with suspicious eyes," by Marwa Al-Naser; "Growing up Arab-American, I didn’t want anything to do with my heritage. Now I do," by Layla Gantus; "I’m a counselor for men from the Middle East living in San Diego. Here’s what we all can learn," by Navid Zamani.

ADC San Diego board member George Majeed Khoury joined with Racial Justice Coalition board member Buki Domingos to publish an Op-Ed in the San Diego Union-Tribune opposing Israeli training of San Diego law enforcement.

On May 16, 2020 the San Diego Union-Tribune devoted an entire page to Arab Americans, "Vital to be counted."  The three articles are:  "Arab and Middle Eastern COVID-19 patients are often listed as 'unknown.'  We must be counted," by Dr. Raed Al-Naser; "Why universal health care would especially help Blacks, Latinos, and Arab Americans," by Ammar Qadan; "Arab Americans have a long history of forming alliances.  That must continue during the pandemic," by Doris Bittar.

ADC San Diego President Doris Bittar was interviewed on KUSI about Arab American Heritage Month.

ADC San Diego activist Sarah Hassaine published an Op-Ed in the San Diego Union-Tribune about celebrating Ramadan during the Covid-19 pandemic.

ADC San Diego board member George Majeed Khoury was interviewed on KUSI on the Palestinian reaction to the Trump-Netanyahu "peace plan."  His part begins after 1:45 of the video.

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