On May 16 the San Diego Union-Tribune devoted an entire page to Arab Americans, "Vital to be counted."  If you go to one article the others are there for you to easily access:  Dr. Raed Al-Naser's article on Counting COVID-19 Arab American Patients, Ammar Qadan's article on Universal Health Care, and Doris Bittar's article on Civil Rights and Forming Alliances.

ADC San Diego President Doris Bittar was interviewed on KUSI about Arab American Heritage Month.

ADC San Diego activist Sarah Hassaine published an Op-Ed in the San Diego Union-Tribune about celebrating Ramadan during the Covid-19 pandemic.

ADC San Diego board member George Majeed Khoury was interviewed on KUSI on the Palestinian reaction to the Trump-Netanyahu "peace plan."  His part begins after 1:45 of the video.

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