Doris Bittar and Jeanine Erikat published "Palestinian Americans have much to teach by sharing their histories and shaping the future" in the San Diego Union Tribune on August 14, 2023.

Tala Al-Rousan, Doris Bittar, and Kamel Miqdadi reported in the San Diego Union Tribune on the historic meeting of San Diego Arab American leaders with the California Attorney General:  "California's Arab Americans look to state AG Rob Bonta as an ally in their push for equity."

Jamal Kanj, a Palestinian refugee, received two pages of coverage in the Home and Garden section of the San Diego Union Tribune on April 29, 2023: "Cultivating remembrances of homeland, and a new life, in San Diego's East County."

On April  20, 2023, the San Diego Union Tribune devoted its entire opinion page to Arab American Heritage Month.  Sarab Aziz wrote "Moving from Syria to San Diego taught me how to carry two cultures"; Doris Bittar wrote "The Arabic language, midwife to many modern languages, is almost criminalized in the U.S."; and Jamal Kanj wrote "San Diego's longest serving city clerk is an Arab American man.  Here's his story."

Leading up to Arab American Heritage Month, Dr. Raed al-Naser published "Here's how we can support Arab Americans with inclusive, culturally competent health care" in the San Diego Union Tribune.

ADC founder James Abourezk passed away on February 24, 2023.  ADC SoCal coordinator Doris Bittar memorialized him in the San Diego Union Tribune, "How I plan to honor the legacy of James Abourezk, the first Arab American U.S. Senator."

On January 9, 2023, the San Diego Union Tribune published a profile of scientist Manal Swairjo written by Jan Goldsmith, the former San Diego city attorney and former mayor of Poway.  The article begins, "Manal Swairjo spent her first 23 years of life as a Palestinian refugee in Kuwait."

The week of November 14, 2022 was designated as United Against Hate Week in San Diego.  ADC SoCal coordinator Doris Bittar and ADC National Board member George Majeed Khoury published "Arab Americans face discrimination often, but get less protection than other minorities" in the San Diego Union Tribune.

On October 8, 2022, ADC SoCal held its annual Alex Odeh Memorial Conference and Gala.  Here are videos of the four speaker panels:  Women in Coalitions:  Challenges and Successes; Arab Voices in the Arts:  The Periphery is Central; Lebanon:  Turning Crisis into Recovery; The Question of Palestine:  Between Diplomacy and the Media.

After Anaheim's historic designation of the Little Arabia business and cultural district on August 23, 2022, ADC SoCal coordinator Doris Bittar celebrated the significance for Arab Americans in the San Diego Union Tribune.

In the wake of Israel's murder of journalist Shireen Abu Akleh, the San Diego Union Tribune devoted a full page to the "Palestinian Perspective" on June 28, 2022. ADC SoCal coordinator Doris Bittar contributed "Palestinian Americans often suppress their narratives. Let's listen to their stories;" ADC National Board member George Majeed Khoury contributed "As a Palestinian born in West Jerusalem, I've experienced ethnic cleansing twice;" and ADC San Diego treasurer Ammar Qadan contributed "Our story, like most Palestinian survivors, is one of resilience, courage, and fortitude."

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