Our Work - ADC San Diego

Our Work

Civil Rights

ADC San Diego works with the local chapter of the ACLU to protect civil rights of Arab-Americans in San Diego County.  For more information contact our Vice-President Wedad Schlotte, wedad.schlotte@gmail.com.

Police Sensitivity Training

ADC San Diego does cultural sensitivity training for the San Diego Police Department. We educate new SDPD graduates about Arab-American history, try to dispel stereotypes, and call attention to special issues that might arise in interactions with the police. We are looking to expand our training to other police departments in San Diego County.  For more information  contact Tyseer Odeh, tyodeh@gmail.com.

Refugee Assistance

ADC San Diego sponsors a program to teach English to Syrian refugees.  For more information contact our President Doris Bittar, doris.bittar@gmail.com.

Promoting Arab Culture

ADC San Diego supports the House of Lebanon, the House of Palestine, and the San Diego Arab Film Festival.

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